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Kwong Wah Cake Co. Moon Cakes Chinese NYC

Whenever I don’t know something about Asian culture, I always get a “you didn’t know that?”  Hey now, I’m actually an ABC (American Born Chinese) and you can’t possibly expect me to know everything.

My latest discovery are the different (weird) stuffings for mooncakes.  A group of Chinese Americans brought me to Kwong Wah Cake Co.; to their surprise I bought one of every flavor with full shock-and-awe exclamations and they had each only bought a snack for the day. Whoops!

Kwong Wah Cake Co. is a petite bakery on Grand St and Mott, just a stone’s throw away from Di Palo’s, my favorite deli.

They have a few flavors (which all also come in a salted yolk option–it looks like a hardboiled egg yolk in your mooncake):

  • Black bean –  a sweetened black/red bean, not those funky fermented ones that come with your Chinese takeout black bean sauces
  • Coconut – a shredded coconut with nuts that is only barely sweet by comparison to your typical American coconut dessert.
  • Mixed nuts – a semi chewy composite of coarsely ground nuts (though my Grandmother remarks that they should have been whole nuts, that probably would have broken her teeth!!)
  • Mixed nuts with ham (photo above) – the same mixed nut moon cake with some additional pork
  • Lotus seed/White Lotus seed – I’ve been told this is the most authentic and luxurious.  The funny thing about demand is that now this filling is also mass produced and is easily found in Chinese supermarket boxes.


Kwong Wah Cake Co.
210 Grand St # A
New York, NY 10013


If you are interested in more mooncake information this site proved pretty comprehensive:


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted!

I recently purchased a Sony NEX5R and here’s some sample photos with Alffie:

Alffie Cat with Camera

Mom, what’s this new toy?


Alffie Cat Innocent Me?
Alffie Cat Roaring Lion

Roaring Lion