Budapest – Should You Go?

Whenever Budapest comes up in conversation it seems the only thing people talk about is how beautiful it is.  SURPRISE!  Yes, the city has incredible architecture, but there are incredible buildings all over Europe that are so much closer.


1. It is REALLY expensive to fly there.  A one-way to Budapest can be an off-peak round trip to Paris.
2. For those who’ve barely made it to France or England, why would you go to Budapest first (and all those countries in between!)?
3. If you are a bottle service hunting young’n, you won’t really find that here–nouveau riche doesn’t exist in Budapest the way it does in New York.  You’ll mostly find “eurotrash” sorts of clubs or ruin pubs (which are so cool)


1. Just about all major hotel chains are well represented for those of you who only use points to travel. <<unlike Bucharest!>>
2. The food is dirt cheap!! …even to eat really well – try Bock Biztro (received a Bib Gourmand from Michelin).
3. You can rent a really comfortable apartment cheaply (I stayed in the centrally located Senator Apartments)
4. Drinking is pretty cheap and bizarrely fun in ruin pubs
. Okay, yes, the city is beautiful.  If you want a highlight tour, take the hop on hop off bus/boat tour!
6. It is full of geo-thermal springs and really great and affordable spas (try Magnolia Day Spa)
7. If you’ve exhausted all of Western Europe, this is a natural next stop that is different enough to still feel like an adventure.

Some photos from my trip!