Andrea BaptistaI’m a little bit of everything, constantly evolving, and I’m confident I’m one-of-a-kind.

I love to travel and go on adventures–a pretty common and generic thing to say, but I’ve lived in a few corners of the world: New York City, Berlin, and Hong Kong.  After traveling to 30 countries and growing up in upstate NY, I ended up around the corner at NYU studying Int’l Biz, Finance, and Politics and still haven’t lost my love for the best city in the world, New York City.  (here’s my bio on the Stern website)

In my spare time I enjoy helping the community.  I brought two new community-centered clubs to NYU and I took my first service trip to South Africa in 2010 with Journey for Change.  After college I started volunteering with a local non-profit called Apex for Youth that focuses on under-served youth in New York City.  In January 2014, I took an Associate Board position with the non-profit.

Growing up in my Grandmother’s Chinese take-out, Panda Valley, I’ve always had a natural gravitation to hospitality, food, and beverage.  After college, between my full-time gig and graduating early, I interned with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, which is the home to many of New York’s more popular restaurants.  Now I’m in my dream industry: alcohol.

As for hobbies–once upon a time, I sang in a professional choir, but these days my singing is pretty limited to the shower.  The peak of my career was Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, but naturally it was all downhill from there.  To add some color, I also pretend to be a serious photographer.  You’ll find hints of all these things in my blog entries.

I see this site as my digital scrapbook.  I started writing it my junior year of college with  informal posts about my day-to-day thoughts so that one day I can just look back and laugh at myself (more than I am already).

Please don’t take anything (including my blog) too seriously.