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Allerpet with Alffie

If you are a cat lover, but are severely allergic like I am, I highly recommend Allerpet! I am allergic to both cat dander and saliva so whenever I go home upstate to my family (and three cats), I bathe my favorite one, Alffie, in this solution so we can play with no issues! If you are dilligent about applying the solution to your cat and do some cleaning, you can severely reduce the amount of cat allergens floating in your house.

I’ve been using Allerpet on Alffie since 2007 and she doesn’t mind it as much as in the beginning for sure. She’ll run away to lick herself, but then come back to play in a few minutes. Without it, I get a rash, itchy eyes, and sneeze!

I always purchase through Amazon Smile so that a percent (though tiny) of your purchase will go to your charity of choice—of course mine is Apex for Youth!

From the site: “Allerpet For Cats cleanses the hair of sebaceous gland secretions (Fel d1),  saliva and dander, the prime causes of allergic reactions to cats.   Allerpet is non-oily and will not leave a residue on the coat to attract other allergens.  It contains no fragrance.  Allerpet is completely safe to use regardless of how frequently a cat licks its coat, even if it does so immediately after having used Allerpet.”