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Allerpet with Alffie

If you are a cat lover, but are severely allergic like I am, I highly recommend Allerpet! I am allergic to both cat dander and saliva so whenever I go home upstate to my family (and three cats), I bathe my favorite one, Alffie, in this solution so we can play with no issues! If you are dilligent about applying the solution to your cat and do some cleaning, you can severely reduce the amount of cat allergens floating in your house.

I’ve been using Allerpet on Alffie since 2007 and she doesn’t mind it as much as in the beginning for sure. She’ll run away to lick herself, but then come back to play in a few minutes. Without it, I get a rash, itchy eyes, and sneeze!

I always purchase through Amazon Smile so that a percent (though tiny) of your purchase will go to your charity of choice—of course mine is Apex for Youth!

From the site: “Allerpet For Cats cleanses the hair of sebaceous gland secretions (Fel d1),  saliva and dander, the prime causes of allergic reactions to cats.   Allerpet is non-oily and will not leave a residue on the coat to attract other allergens.  It contains no fragrance.  Allerpet is completely safe to use regardless of how frequently a cat licks its coat, even if it does so immediately after having used Allerpet.”


Turning 25 for Young Professionals in NYC

Un-complicate.  De-Stress. Stop. Freaking. Out.

Here’s a list of my current top thought starters, which I think is especially relevant for young professionals who love to live it up, but sometimes feel a bit lost (friends, I’m talking to YOU).

Disconnecting from Social Media. Do it.

  1.  The Innovation of Loneliness An awesome short video that everyone in today’s age should watch for some perspective (4 min), explaining the loneliness of social media and “sacrificing conversation for mere connection”.
  2. Think like Afrojack–inspired by Afrojack’s Ultra 2014 Set and Next Album, Forget the World.  Here’s a quote from a recent Rolling Stone article to get you started: “It’s basically a message not just to my fans, but also to myself, to always remember to keep following your heart, keep following your path, and never try to let the things around you get you down.”  He then goes and talks about social media changing our behaviors and to do things for yourself and not others.

Re-Organize Your Life and Thoughts and Don’t Get Caught Complaining.

  1. Life will be uncomplicated one day when you’re married with kids, you have a house in the woods, and your priorities have shifted…enjoy the complexity and uncertainty now“.  My colleague Dulce said this to me in the car just over two years ago and it still rings strongly.  We don’t have to have everything figured out right now.
  2. Are you doing everything you expected to be doing at 25?
    With most of our friends in the same stage of life where we aren’t sure what’s next, I find a lot of us just venting our confusion.  Let’s bring it back to re-prioritizing.  See my old blog from about two years ago where I re-evaluated my roles in life and explained Covey’s quadrants to re-prioritize.  If you are feeling ambitious and really lost, try  7 Habits of Highly Effective People Personal Workbook  by Stephen Covey – an all-time favorite for people of the Covey era, but unfortunately not very popular among our generation (probably why we are all so confused about what our next steps are).
  3. Get out of Your Comfort Zone! For me this was swimming in the ocean for the first time in ten years last month (I know this is sad, haha!) and re-attempting yoga in January.    I’ve gone to 25 classes at Yoga to the People and I’ve never been so relaxed.   Without the extremely uncomfortable initial 4 classes of falling over and kicking a neighbor, I would have missed out!
  4. YOLOYou Only Live Once.  Why not live a little and relax a bit when you feel like things are out of control?  (Remember Avicii’s “I Could Be the One”!) Also, let’s be real–you’ll probably laugh in ten years at how dramatic you were when you were 25.

Don’t Forget Your Social Conscience and Where You Came From

  1. Feel good about watching Upworthy.   Yes, it’s for-profit and one of my friends says “it’s just another way for people to pretend they know what’s going on in the world and pretend to support it even if they aren’t actually doing anything”.  Fair point, but doesn’t the conversation and culture change have to start somewhere?  And what about the huge power of making something relatively unknown super popular?  And the for-profit bit–at least they are sustainable.  Hey, yes, you can fairly say you are actually doing something when you are inspired to think differently and more socially and encouraging others to do so as well.
  2. Take care of your friends. Don’t let them do drugs or take unnecessary risks.

    “Friends, we’ve got to take care of each other. If you’re on the inside, you get it. This music + its people can take you to the moon. Don’t put yourself in danger. Let the real magic get you there.”–Kaskade

    How do we start the step-change to get people to just enjoy the music?

Stop and take notice when something is beautiful.  With our go-go-go lives we forget this sometimes, but here are some interesting things in design I’ve been thinking about (a lot less heavy than the above!): 

  1. Duarte - Story-telling.  I sat through an 8 hour class that went 50/50 between how to organize a story and also how to deliver it graphically from a design perspective to have the greatest impact. It’s an incredible way of breaking down about pitch you are presenting to someone!  Also, check out Diagrammer - an awesome resource for all of your diagramming needs :-).
  2. Helvetica - a movie about Helvetica, a super common font that we don’t realize is everywhere.  It’s from 2007 and you can find it on Netflix.

Publicolor – Volunteer Painting

Publicolor Volunteers

Publicolor Volunteers

This past Saturday I had a lovely experience with Publicolor, the non-profit that takes their own stab at inspiring kids to graduate high school.  They reach their mission through paint and democracy.  Publicolor will invade a school for a few weeks to teach kids color theory, how to paint properly, and invite volunteers on Saturdays to join in on the fun.  The kids vote in the beginning of the project what colors scheme they want in the school, and choose from a palette of beautiful vibrant colors.

It was a commitment from 9:45am-3pm out at JHS 22 in the Bronx and each volunteer was paired with a member of the “Paint Club”, a student from the school we were painting.  Publicolor’s intention is to get adult volunteers to facilitate in the painting and also have upbeat positive conversation about college and the future.  After they are done with a school they induct 10 students into their apprenticeship program to paint with a stipend.

It’s always a humbling experience to hang out with kids and be reminded what schools are like.  They had the exact same chairs and desks as I did growing up, and of course I felt a bit nostalgic!  The school itself was actually a lot nicer than I expected with all the talks in our flaws in the education system.  Perhaps we are having issues with teachers and curriculum, but the actual infrastructure of the school seemed very solid and up-to-date (no doubt with help from organizations and good management from the school).

I have only done Publicolor once before and it seems the organization has come a very long way.  I vaguely remember not having enough gloves, rollers/rods, but they currently have a great partnership with Benjamin Moore and get all of their paint donated.  The only thing that I regret about the experience is not being able to have a more long-term influence on the students’ lives!  It always makes me feel extra guilty when they ask if you are coming back the week after and you know you aren’t.

My Hurricane Sandy

I want to preface this post by noting how devastating Sandy was to many people so close to home, and how lucky we are to not have been severely affected.  I don’t want this post to misrepresent how serious it was or make it seem like I don’t take it seriously.

Empire State Building holding it all together for us!

That being said, it was a great bonding experience for a few of us who came together and hung out in the dark–and I’d love to share some silly photos.  We stayed, unlike most of lower Manhattan, and our building didn’t have a generator for the elevators so we worked out our legs and grabbed dinner in Midtown every night.  Oh yeah, and we showered at our offices and a NYSC that opened their doors to those without power.  It was a bit of an adventure!

My very own photo of the crane dangling…

Military vans strolling down 2nd Ave in Midtown

Grand Central chaos  during a usually quiet time 

Incoming traffic on 2nd Ave that we had to cross without any police offices, which normally would be lit by 25 story buildings

Photo I sent to my Dad to check that was the tie he wanted to go out for dinner (and avoid the 20 flights)

Vegas in Five Words/Photos

Dudes.  Went to Rehab the pool party at the Hard Rock for the first time.  Allin Nightlife hooked it up!  It wasn’t actually all dudes, but there was this hot second where I couldn’t see any girls and had to take this shot!  Maybe it was just the spots I was hanging out in, but every guy in Vegas that weekend was a gym rat.  Where do they come from!?

Rehab at The Hard Rock Hotel

Rehab at The Hard Rock Hotel

Over-Priced.  Considering it was EDC weekend, everything just felt like a disaster waiting to happen–and it was!  We missed the first night of EDC thinking we should rest well and have all-nighters the 2nd and 3rd night.  Lucky us, the 2nd night was cancelled due to winds/stages and speakers swaying/unsafe conditions, leaving us only Sunday night (and a 6-hour ordeal Saturday night without any music…).  And what better way to represent “Over-priced” than the disappointing Croque Madame and Bouchon experience we had.

Croque Madame at Bouchon

Nauseating.  Okay, this one is just for fun.  I know I get nauseas on carnival rides, yet insist on riding them anyway and scream “OH @#$%” over and over again.  I had to take a pause at EDC and sit down before heading to David Guetta’s set!

Disk-O at Electric Daisy Carnival

Excessive.  Everything in Vegas is more more more and I actually felt very guilty by the end of the vacation because of how much food, electricity, water, and gas was wasted just to power this ridiculously hot city to be the attraction it is!  Here’s a photo of my dessert plate from the Wynn Buffet.  I definitely wasn’t trying to make it look pretty–but look at all this dessert…!?

Wynn Buffet Desserts

Beautiful.  All the things I complained about above were self-inflicted so I am definitely not blaming anyone else for them!  Despite the excess, nausea, dudes, and whatnot, Vegas is just very beautiful.  The fountains, fantastic hotels, dreamy nightclubs, pools, and themed interiors are just wonderful.  What about the flower bunches at the Wynn?  Gorgeous.

Flower Balls at The Wynn

Here’s the front of the Bacarrat Lounge in The Mirage

Baccarat Lounge at The Mirage