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EDC Afterthoughts

Rave costumes, fluffy petticoats, tutus, gigantic wigs, women in bikini joker costumes with their faces painted, excessive music, massive crowds, and carnival rides.  Electric Daisy Carnival NY 2012.

EDC NY was amazing, and if all my hopes come true, Vegas will be NY times 100 to an epic epic scale.  It was my first time seeing Aviici (whom I still don’t love) and being in the front of the DJ Bassnectar with the likes of Afrojack, and Ingrosso filling the gigantic parking lot of MetLife stadium with life.

There were four stages–one primary, two supplements in the parking lot, and one stage inside MetLife Stadium itself.  We took MetroNorth with the rest of the crowds, and the trains drop you right next to the entrance.  Fantastic.

Here’s my first set of photos from the event.  I’ll post the 2nd batch of panoramics in a later post!


Pegu Club – Cocktail Flashback.

So I wrote this blog last OCTOBER, but never published it.  So funny how all of it is still true today now that it’s the beginning of April.

I haven’t been out at the bar in over a month (maybe two) because I’ve been successfully trying to lose weight and be a healthier person overall (not staying out late, etc).  So far I’ve lost 15 pounds (YAY!), but realized my social life has severely suffered.  Before, every meal was part of my social calendar with a close friend.  Lunch, dinner, everyday, all the time.  Now, it seems that some of my closest friends have physically become the furtherest, from adventures to India, Prague, and more India, and also unavailable because of their work schedules (investment bankers, psht! <3).

So goes every recent grad’s story–we feel alone sometimes because we lack that constantly social interaction, and the stress of work isn’t overwhelming, but definitely a bit new.  Our new reality was that what our routine is now will only become more strenuous and longer as we become more successful. Anyway, tonight I decided I need to write SOMETHING in my blog since I haven’t in a few months.  It was something I committed too when I was a cool undergrad and I realized there is no reason to just give it up!

I went to Pegu Club with my friend Iris tonight.  She originally introduced me to this great spot last year, and I all I remembered of it was its relatively spaciousness (the bouncer did a great job at preventing it from becoming too packed), and how it would be perfect for a date.  One day, one day, I’ll bring that special someone here, but until then it is sacred for girl time.

It was what my typical Saturday nights used to look like–meet up with one of my close pals,catch up on man stories and job stories, and check-in on just about everything.  It had been so long and much needed!  Thankfully, my friends appreciate a perfect cocktail as much as I do, if not more, so I had two nights of greatness in a row.  Friday, I went with Leeann to Blue Owl and had a delicious Cottontail, but Saturday was to top off the weekend nights!

Of course I somehow managed to encounter some rude bridge and tunnel older types at both bars, but hey–the deliciousness was worth it.

First up at Pegu was the mystery drink.  Iris, one of my cocktail bar expert friends, explained to me that Milk and Honey didn’t have a menu and the bartenders would make what you wanted based on what your cravings were, but I didn’t expect this out of Pegu.  They were out of the punch tonight, so I asked the bartender for a recommendation.  He asked ever so simply if I liked raspberries, and when I said yes he proceeded to make me a delicious drink of Tanqueray, raspberries, and hints of other things that I didn’t catch (I wasn’t readily watching the whole time).

UPDATE (4/7): If you are in town and like the idea of Milk and Honey, then I can safely say you should consider Pegu Club a strong contender for your most delicious cocktail bar options.

New Inspiration – Polar Bear Plunge into Ocean

For those who don’t know, I will be running into the ocean (or slowly creeping…we will see in a few weeks) on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  There are the obvious reasons why I’ve decided to do this and also some new installations from a close friend.

Most touching to me is the reaction I received when I recently told one of my mentees about my polar bear plunge.  Being a mentor to my Journey for Change kids has become a really big part of my life.  The ability to impact someone else’s life positively, and help guide them in the right direction inspires me everyday, though they probably have impacted me more than I have impacted them with their spirit and genuineness. When I told one of my mentees about my dive she was ecstatic after calling me “mad” and “crazy”.  She is only in 8th grade, but completely understands the value of community service and the Make-A-Wish Foundation–her god-brother has signed up for Make-A-Wish because he has sickle cell disease, and she promised me she would tell him what I’m doing.  My registration with the Long Beach Polar Bears started out as a fun community-building fundraiser I’d do with my friends (for a great cause), but now it means so much more.  My mentee didn’t know what her god-brother asked for, but maybe I can convince her to find out and tell me after she reads this :-).  Simply said–to see her happy makes me ecstatic!

One of the hardest things I’m finding about this mini-project is asking for money.  Sure it was easy in high school to hide behind my father’s e-mail address and mass-message our friends and neighbors (which one of my team members is doing–GO TEAM AIOLI!!! lol), but the fear of rejection or people not feeling equally inspired about this as I do also comes up.  In the end, I figure that it is for a good cause and that if they want to support me and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it is ultimately up to them, but it’d be my fault and not theirs if I don’t at least try!

Click the link to see my flyer: Andrea Becomes a Polar Bear

Here is my personal page:

Reading the stories of dreams coming true should be enough inspiration for anyone to jump into the ocean.  Of the ones I read most recently was the girl who recently had to undergo tons of chemotherapy; she was given the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber–something that may be trivial to some of us, but meant the world to this 5 year old girl.

Here is a link to the story:

If you want to take the plunge, visit my personal page above for more information :-).

Craigslist Disaster – Couch Dilemma

A friend of mine was looking to snag a couch for free off craigslist.  He went as far as to rent a truck, secure a fancy black leather couch in a luxury apartment building, and book a friend for the endeavor.

Then it all went WRONG!  The building said he had to use the freight elevator and not the regular elevator, and of course the couch didn’t fit in there.  What are two men to do?  Off course–walk it down the stairs! HAHA.

We aren’t talking normal fun loving stairs though.  They spiraled and the spiral changed directions, and eventually at the bottom the spiral got more and more narrow.  They brought it down 6 flights of stairs only to leave the couch and make a run for it!!!

The driver pulls around the corner and gets them to toss the cushions onto the side of the road figuring that the couch wouldn’t make it down the regular elevator, and that there was no way for it to be removed without it being taken apart.  Firstly, there was an old man who yelled at them not to throw the cushions onto the street near the recycling (okay, that is fair), but when they tried to move it to the garbage, the old man just started shouting NO NO NO! HAHAHA.

What happened to the cushions?  My friend took it to his home garbage and in the end tossed them.

Oops, they were wrong about the couch though.  The woman incessantly texted my friend for the cushions back because the maintenance men managed to get it out.  He still never responds (fearing the wrath of this woman b/c she has his number and e-mail), but the last message he got was a schooling that if he tossed the cushions he should just man up and tell her. hahahahahaha,

Toad in a Hole – Grilled Cheese w/Egg

I thought I’d share this with you guys because I assume since I didn’t know what it was there has to be other sheltered people missing out!

It’s called “Toad in a Hole” or “Egg in a Basket” and extremely easy and straightforward.

Ingredients: 2 slices of bread, cheese (sliced or shredded), butter, one egg

1. Lightly coat a pan with butter
2. Cut a hole in one of the pieces of bread, 2-2.5 inch diameter
3. Drop the two pieces of the bread in the pan to lightly toast
4.  Crack the egg into the hole, or if you are shell prone, into a bowl then into the hole :-).
5. Let the egg cook through as you see the transparent whites turn…white
6. Carefully flip both pieces of toast
7. Put the cheese on the piece without the egg
8. Let the cheese melt a bit, then put the two sides together :-).