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NYU Berlin Rooms

So I must say that when I first moved in I was in pure shock. I was having a pretty miserable day, with unfriendly American encounters and big luggage worries because they were sitting in the rain for quite some time (some of my clothes were damp from when they took it off the plane)

. Oh yeah- and that fact that one piece of my luggage was 50 pounds with the other around 35. Turned out that other people had even more luggage than me.

But then things turned around. When I first arrived I coincidentally saw someone who was also with NYU, a girl I had friended on facebook randomly! She helped me with my luggage, etc etc…and I then I saw my room with pure amazement. It is gorgeous. I have two beds just for myself.

I unpacked everything in the first shot so I could find something to change into. Pretty exciting to see the huge closet of

sorts. Its probably 3 times the size of my one in my NYC apartment.

With an awesome living room and kitchen.


Day I – My flight from New York (JFK) to Berlin (TXL) connecting through Brussels.

So far I’ve been disappointed in who other—my fellow Americans.

It all started early this morning where I stepped literally one step out of the line (which happened to be 2-3 persons wide anyway) to fix my bags. Thus letting one family pass me. But then what happens? The rotten brat behind me accused me of cutting the line once it actually started to move and I returned to my position. She made a small scene, then shoved me when her boarding group was called. Absolutely ridiculous. I was seriously and literally one step out of the line but I blended right into it anyway.

Then what happens? I get off the plane, wait in a line at the border protection into the EU. It turned out that my line was extremely short so I hopped into another. One guy had accused me of cutting him there too, even though it was obvious he and his wife/gf/lover/friend was in the other line. How preposterous. At least this one didn’t make a scene! Maybe its because I let him cut me, grrr.

Why am I the victim? Yeah, sure this really isn’t a big deal, but I hate when people think they can just get away with small nonsensical things. Maybe it’s the fact that I just accept and predict the fact that people are rude and awful in NY so I don’t notice (I’m the same way when in NYC). OR its just that Americans are rotten, disgusting, obnoxious people when they are in other countries. Of course I responded in the utmost grace, only to be absolutely mad on the inside.

Normally I am very proud to be American. But of the polite and sweet sort—not the obnoxious, self-serving people I encountered today. Definitely by making me look bad they looked worse. But what is awful is that they were not rightfully accusing me. I hate when that happens, let alone TWICE.

The flight was great otherwise. Normally American Airlines manages to mess up any international to Europe flights I’ve been on except this one (remember, I spent 5 years of my life as AA Platnium because I used to fly a lot)! I was seated next to fellow study abroad students (small world) who were connecting from Brussels to Antwerp. They were uber friendly and just wanted to chit chat…I felt bad because eventually I put on my bose headphones. It is just much more relaxing than listening to the airplane engines!

My feelings towards study abroad? I feel a bit lost already and I haven’t even gotten there. I realize I have no idea where anything is, and by using my DK tour book so far I have yet to become more acquainted. Not like Paris or London where you could just give me a map and I would be fine. I’ve just never been to Berlin…and it’s really hard to memorize the street names when you have no idea how to pronounce them!

I also feel a bit out of place, like I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’m not anxious. Maybe its an OUT OF BODY experience ;). I really just feel nothing! Not really excited because the weather is so dreary in Brussels (and when there is no sun—nothing can be beautiful!!!!!). Not really scared because there will be other students with me. Not really happy because my family and friends are not here (including my cat).

Okay maybe all of that emo stuff is half a lie—I’m very excited to meet new friends and go out to explore nightlife, something that I haven’t really done except when I visited Priya last spring break and we went to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day! Oh, and in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong, but mind you this has only been 5 weeks total of my life!

Anyhow, I need to find a way to backdate this because I wrote this while sitting in the Brussels airport. What good is it to get here early when they haven’t even posted the gate number? And yes—I was in a panic because I thought I was in the wrong terminal. I was looking for 8:45 instead of 9:45 as my departure time (8:45 is the boarding time!). Dummy me—lesson learned? Never let airports frazzle you and never let being in a different place make you lose your cool! Things always work out in the end.

First Post from Hong Kong

So yeah, I’ve been slacking lately on the posts. I figure it may be good for me to write down my thoughts now, so that maybe one day when I’m old I can look back on how foolish I once was :-).

I’m in Hong Kong with an internship M-F, 9:30-6:45/6:30/7:00. It is simply amazing. I can’t give too many details, but it is simply amazing.
This past week, I even got to see the trading floor for db, one of the most amazing things ever to be seen. The technology is so amazing, and the PEOPLE are so amazing.
I’m avoiding the fact that there are many very good looking men on the trading floor as well, which is something…you don’t exactly see on Wall St.
Besides work, I’ve been trying to go on my own explorations for good food. I actually went into Mak’s three times this past week. For all who don’t know, Mak’s is infamous for their wonton mein. The standard passer-by wouldn’t realize that this ordinary “dive” in Hong Kong without much of a line during prime lunch time is actually the best, arguably in the world.
I’m familiar with this restaurant because on my last trip to HK, my Dad’s had brought me, but even before that, they have a “branch” of sorts in Vancouver which I have went to since I was just a little girl.
So I tried bringing my boss there one of three of those times, but he didn’t seem too impressed. Funny thing is, the next day I told my Dad that, and since I had posted those photos on facebook, he had said, “anyone who knows food is envious and wants those bowls of noodles”.
One of those trips involved me going into Lyndhurst Terrace in search of the best daan tats (egg custard tarts). Yes, indeed I found it after a bit of a struggle with Canto-only speaking people giving me directions and a miserably crinkled hotel map. It wasn’t the issue of them giving the directions, it was the issue of me trying to convey to them where exactly I needed to go (in English, mind you).
And lastly, today I went to get a haircut. The only words I said to the stylist was, trim, thicker bangs, and more layers. He then proceeded to “lighten” my hair in this weird inconsistent way.
It basically was his genius that still allows it to look similar to my old hair, but with more than 50% of it missing. It is the same length too.
Better yet though–guess the price? The equivalent of 32USD. But wait, did you know that the head massage/shampoo was phenomenal?! It probably took 15 minutes just for that bit. An hour for the haircut (it didn’t seem that long). Apparently I waaaay over spent compared to other places in HK, hahah, but I felt I had to, to ensure it was an English speaking salon :-).
That’s all for now.