West Side Story

Happy Birthday Allen!!!

West Side Story was AMAZING.  It was a preview, and was SO affordable thanks to the people at SAGE!
Now about the show.  The scenes of just one sex were FANTASTIC, like “America” and “Officer Krupke” (sp?).  ”There’s a place for us” is sung by a sweet boy soprano who was a bit off his game though.  I was expecting Maria and Tony to sing it because its my favorite song, but I guess things don’t work out the way I want them to!!!  It was a nice way to make the show more worldly, to show a greater cause/problem/solution, but does EVERY show need that?
I probably would have cried if Tony and Maria sang it, so its fine. :P.
The dancing was amazing to see on stage rather than the movie, just again, AMAZING.  The fighting choreography was a bit strange, but it always is.  The mambo scene was very very well executed.
Maria was played by a classically training singer, PERFECT, no EEEEEE sounds on her notes.
Tony sounded very very feminine, but had a lovely voice.  I didn’t believe his acting much because of the femininity, but he got over it midway, and started to sound just right–maybe someone told him, haha.
All in all, a good experience.  I hope everyone can see it, even if its in forever to get cheap tickets. :-).

Tonight’s Lost, West Side Story, and Craigslist

COULD IT GET ANY MORE BORING? I feel like every episode is becoming more and more repetitive, and its almost a burden to be so addicted.

Gah maybe I should have thought twice about watching all of the episodes last year during the TV strike. again, GAH.

You know, craigslist is really awesome, ESPECIALLY if you are a bored student looking for cheap stuff on sale. I recently found some center orchestra seats for West Side Story tickets for $60. Granted, I had to wander through Chelsea to pick them up, $60 for a NEW SHOW in broadway (like at most two weeks?) is amazing. The people who sold them to me had a whole bunch of spare tickets because they had bought 220 with the intention of selling them to their own members, so GOOD DEAL!

It definitely takes patience though because some are just links to other ticket websites, which basically means its NOT a steal.

Normally, I check out broadway box for my coupons for shows, but since WSS is so new, there isn’t a promo code yet.

Ash Wednesday in St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Believe it or not, this was the fastest I’ve ever been in and out of a church for Ash Wednesday. It was SO efficient. I’ve never celebrated anything there until today.

I took the 6 train from 23rd St to the 51st street stop and just walked uphill to Madison Ave! I used to think that it would be very complex to head over to the big cathedral for mass, but really? People shouldn’t be intimidated, especially if its for a religious obligation! Remember – its YOUR church no matter where you are! People in Paris can’t say its OUR Notre Dame, because its not. Its something we all share.

Now to the painful reality – FASTING! I tried doing the two snacks and one major meal but I couldn’t last. I know its all about giving up our comfort for a purpose, a greater purpose, but I actually started to feel SICK and nauseous

Kid Robot

After every major exam, I love to just let loose and relax by walking around the city. So yesterday, I picked my location, the Patagonia SoHo Store, and started my wild wild journey. Low and behold, I walked by a store called Kid Robot. At first, I thought it was a store that sold gadgets and fun things like that, which is always very entertaining, but NO. It is a collection of “vinyl limited edition” mini statue toys, and they are VERY addicting to people who love to collect stuff, AKA ME! The store is pretty comprehensive in stock, and includes most of the things sold online at www.kidrobot.com

So I buy my first Kid Robot, what I call the crack rabbit, or the “smorkin” smoking bunny, thinking how funny and vulgar it is, but wait. When you open these things its severely wrapped firstly in a foily sealed pouched and then boxed so that its “blind” and you don’t know what you are opening. Okay so anyway, I open it, and what is it!? THE ONLY BUNNY THAT DOESN’T SMOKE. What a harsh reality. A terrible reality. WHY me?

So today I was stupid enough to continue on my journey back into SoHo and right into Kid Robot, with my previous disappointment, things were looking bright, because WHAT are the odds that I will get my LAST possible choice AGAIN? Apparently, I thought the odds were low…so I was stupid enough to buy some more Kid Robot, one Ole English Dunny for my boyfriend, one Cannibal for me, and the funny S&M (Sadist and Masachist) REINDEER leftover from Christmas.

One was definitely a sure bet, but the others? Eh. I got the worse Cannibal, it was a sillllly upside-down white cone with two black eyes and black feet. SO boring. Definitely the WORST possibility.

Lesson learned? Don’t get into this new pokemon-like phase. I’m hooked on how each one is designed by different artists, but HATE the fact that I can’t get what I want. Oh and they are EXPENSIVE. Not like the 50 cents vending machines at the supermarket, more like $5-$10 for the small ones!