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Brother Jimmy’s UWS


I had a fabulous time eating overpriced mediocre food and drinking super sugary mixed drinks.  Let’s be blunt, you don’t really go to Brother Jimmy’s to eat good food or find fine cocktails.  My friend and I ordered the Swamp Water (a strange sugary cocktail of well liquor and juice) that comes in a fantastic 64 oz. fish bowl filled with a plastic crocodile and neon straws.  By far the highlight of the meal, despite how disgusting it truly was.

Of course we were extra courageous after the fish bowl to starting using flash…haha.


Oh and we also ordered the Jimmy’s Pig Pick to share.  Hush puppies were dry, along with all the meat.  I wouldn’t recommend the food and definitely wouldn’t expect more than a (almost cheap) bro bar.  They are all over the city, but in the future I think I’m going to just stick to beer and I suggest you do too.  Pick up some Fette Sau or Hill Country instead.


Yakiniku Takashi – Japanese BBQ

Yum yum yum… Japanese BBQ!

Board at Yakiniku Takashi

If you like Gyu Kaku, a bit of adventure with weird textures, and weird animal parts, you should head over to Yakiniku Takashi on the west side.  If that point blank description didn’t sound like your cup of tea, I don’t recommend this adventure to you!

Although, it was definitely an experience that you have to have once (and really fun), I probably won’t go back unless someone else is dying to try it.

Last time I went they had some silly and fun items on the menu like the beefy popcorn (with loads of MSG I’m sure), and the curry puffs that you grill on your table.  Both were just that–silly and fun, but nothing remarkable.

Beefy Popcorn at Yakiniku Takashi

Beef Curry Puff at Yakiniku Takashi

Not sure if all these things are still on the menu, but we also had this cheesy fondue that wasn’t really too exciting.  The meat was overcooked and the bread a bit stale.

Fonduta at Yakiniku Takashi

We wrapped up our apps with the Niku-Uni, chuck flap topped with sea urchin and fresh wasabi.  Not sure if it was anything too great–just mediocre uni and meat with that oily seasoned seaweed you get in those snack packs at Japanese grocers.

Niku-Uni (chuck flap topped with sea urchin) at Yakiniku Takashi

Finally, we ordered a lot of different things ranging from the different cow stomachs to different cuts of meats.  It was exciting because I haven’t had a lot of these things before, but altogether I wasn’t really impressed by anything too delicious.  A few of the stomach dishes were just incredibly chewy and I think I was making funny faces the entire time…

Looks like chicken, but it’s actually cow parts…

Cow Parts at Yakiniku Takashi


Yakiniku Takashi

And some beef tongue…

Beef Tongue at Yakiniku Takashi

Yakiniku Takashi
456 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10011