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Beaumarchais.  I’m not sure where to start.  The food and cocktails were good yet overpriced, which was a clear reflection of the crowd.  Go to Beaumarchais to people watch, see people, and be seen.  It was a mixed crowd mostly with tables of solely men or solely women popping magnum bottles of Veuve Cliquot.  Everyone seemed to be significantly older, around 35-45, but dressed to impress.  I’m always a little confused by this loud music brunch scene where people dress up.  Did you not have a good enough time the night before?  If I’m going to drop $50 on pancakes and a drink, I’d personally rather being doing it at a homey foodie brunch place to unwind from the night before’s excitement.

While I can say we did feel fabulous and the music was great, it also felt like the place we would hope to go to have brunch when we are in our 40s, have too much money, are trying to escape our husbands, and are dying to be young again.  (friends, +15 years consider it a date!)

I ordered the Croque Madame, a modest open faced sandwich with salad on the side.  It had a nice truffle flavor and good cheese, but didn’t really blow my mind.  It sort of reminds me of what I eat for breakfast everyday at home so I was left wanting something more.
Croque Madame Beaumarchais

Oh, and that sundae with less than perfect marshmallows that everyone (including us) was ordering just really confused me…and made me feel very very silly.  If the ice cream, marshmallows and whipped cream were homemade I’d have less of a problem and would maybe even pay more considering it was a dessert to share…but no, it was all grocery store quality and the ice cream wasn’t that great.  Hurray food-markups just for a pish-posh atmosphere!  Yes I love food, but I have to at least have the illusion that I can not get the exact same thing elsewhere for dirt cheap.  Well, okay maybe the sparkler that came on top helped a little…ok, no.
Sundae Beaumarchais

The final word?  Go for the pish-posh party atmosphere if your pockets allow for it, but don’t expect mind blowing food.


409 W 13th St  New York, 10014 | (212) 675-2400

Chicken Stew at Petite Abeille

Chicken Stew with Fries at Petite Abeille

Petite Abeille is my family’s go-to lunch place when no one wants to be adventurous (which is sadly at least once every month).  The food is a no thrills sort and the ambience is like your bright tavern with outdoor seating for when it is warm (oh, how I miss those days).  Like many other standard-fare restaurants with little change in the menu, the food is consistent and something you can rely on.  My family always orders omelets or burgers, but I love the chicken stew and fries! MMMM.  Warning, I don’t believe they have mussels during brunch, which is a shame!




The Nomad–I’m not sure where to start, aside from it being my new favorite restaurant.

My first encounter was an intimidatingly overcrowded bar, dark and posh-looking place when I walked back out.  Everyone had their suits for after-work drinks (I presume at Credit Suisse right around the corner) and I remembered why places like Death and Co make people wait outside.  Sadly, I didn’t have a reservation to eat that night, but with high hopes, I returned for brunch.

And it was fantastic.

The Cocktails

One of the sommelier’s came over and eloquently explained some of his favorite cocktails to us.  We ordered a few throughout the brunch so I won’t go into all of it, aside from noting how beautiful, balanced, and flavorful they all were!  I also love that when I mentioned my mint allergy, but wanted a minty drink, he handled it extremely well–no funny faces that it was impossible, or snarks on how I couldn’t order the drinks with mint (I’ve had some bad experiences with this random allergy of mine).

Cocktails at The NoMad

The Bread

I remember when it was first news that Eleven Madison Park was going to start baking their own rolls to serve, so of course I have to comment on the tastey choice of The NoMad.  Springs onions I believe it was?  I can’t remember the last time I was served a bread like this in a restaurant, but I love that it was a bit different.

Bread at The NoMad

The Chicken

I ordered the truffle foie gras chicken, split with a newly converted meat-eater, and we were both so satisfied after we devoured it.  It was perfectly moist, beautiful presented, and was everything chicken should be.

Whole Chicken at The NoMad

The best part is that my friend was a strict vegetarian until the Giants won the superbowl, and only really liked chicken when it was “boneless wings” at Mercury Bar (YIKES!!!).  This was the first time I could get him to eat chicken and love it.  I am so glad he has replaced his standards of “best chicken” with The Nomad’s!  Here’s after it was cutup.

Chicken at The NoMad

The moment our two plates hit the table we were confused and asked where the rest of the chicken was, but with no fail it was presented in a small black cast iron with scrumptious mushrooms.  YUM.

Dark Meat of the Chicken at The NoMad

I don’t know how we managed (especially since I forgot we were having brunch and had two slices of leftover pizza for breakfast…), but we ordered their delicious breakfast pastry to share.

Pastry at The NoMad

Yum…next time we’ll have to try the others of the cart.

Pastry Cart at The NoMad


Oh and I love this video from the restaurant.  Will Guidara and Daniel Humm are such characters!!!



The NoMad - 1170 Broadway & 28th St, 212-796-1500

Bouchon Fail

We had a really strange experience at Bouchon at The Venetian!  They didn’t handle it very well when we asked if they could make a vegetarian omelet with something other than just eggs, and I didn’t expect that from them!  The only set vegetarian entrees they had were the sweet things like french toast, but even the waffle had bacon in it.

Anyway, I ordered the Croque Madame, a grilled cheese with ham and fries covered in sauce.  The bread wasn’t anything to write home about, but the fries were delicious!

Don’t be fooled by all those “tips” on Foursquare–you can totally skip the Croque Madame for poached eggs on toast with a side order of fries.

Looks good though…

Croque Madame at Bouchon

Peels – Biscuits Biscuits Biscuits

What do I want for brunch?  Typically a delicious sandwich accompanied with fries, or maybe an order of steak frites, but I thought I’d change it up when my friend invited me over to Peels for some Southern comfort.

Kind of funny that all 5 of us pretty gals ordered biscuits–one thing I love about New York City is that no one I know seems to starve for their beauty because what fun would life be if we did?

It was one darn good biscuit–like eating a hunk of butter.  We all ordered different variations of the “build-a-biscuit” with a staple poached or scrambled egg, bacon, cheese, and gravy.  To make it extra fatty and delicious I ordered the Spring Benedict with hollandaise, asparagus, and poached eggs, and definitely recommend it to anyone brave enough to try it.

Spring Benedict at Peels

Afterwards, I ordered the Peels Muffin and ginger molasses cookie to go.  Both were great, but I didn’t fall in love with either like I had hoped to!  I probably won’t be returning to Peels soon because of the heaviness (and the fact that I felt like I was going to die the rest of the day from the fatty lunch–and when I say that you know it’s extreme!)  Also, plenty-a southerners will hate me and shout at my ignorance, but I really just love my Mom’s grands flakey biscuits fresh out of the can ;-).

Peels Baked Assortment


Peels - www.peelsnyc.com
325 Bowery – 646-602-7015