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Daniel – Birthday Rambles

My friends and I went to Daniel to celebrate my birthday and were luckily surprised that Mr Boulud himself walked us back to the kitchen to take a picture with him.  I realized then how celebrity-stricken I get with chefs and how this is completely not normal!  Everything as expected was delicious and perfectly executed.  The cocktails were equally stunning, and I think his restaurant group may definitely be my favorite of all!


The Nomad–I’m not sure where to start, aside from it being my new favorite restaurant.

My first encounter was an intimidatingly overcrowded bar, dark and posh-looking place when I walked back out.  Everyone had their suits for after-work drinks (I presume at Credit Suisse right around the corner) and I remembered why places like Death and Co make people wait outside.  Sadly, I didn’t have a reservation to eat that night, but with high hopes, I returned for brunch.

And it was fantastic.

The Cocktails

One of the sommelier’s came over and eloquently explained some of his favorite cocktails to us.  We ordered a few throughout the brunch so I won’t go into all of it, aside from noting how beautiful, balanced, and flavorful they all were!  I also love that when I mentioned my mint allergy, but wanted a minty drink, he handled it extremely well–no funny faces that it was impossible, or snarks on how I couldn’t order the drinks with mint (I’ve had some bad experiences with this random allergy of mine).

Cocktails at The NoMad

The Bread

I remember when it was first news that Eleven Madison Park was going to start baking their own rolls to serve, so of course I have to comment on the tastey choice of The NoMad.  Springs onions I believe it was?  I can’t remember the last time I was served a bread like this in a restaurant, but I love that it was a bit different.

Bread at The NoMad

The Chicken

I ordered the truffle foie gras chicken, split with a newly converted meat-eater, and we were both so satisfied after we devoured it.  It was perfectly moist, beautiful presented, and was everything chicken should be.

Whole Chicken at The NoMad

The best part is that my friend was a strict vegetarian until the Giants won the superbowl, and only really liked chicken when it was “boneless wings” at Mercury Bar (YIKES!!!).  This was the first time I could get him to eat chicken and love it.  I am so glad he has replaced his standards of “best chicken” with The Nomad’s!  Here’s after it was cutup.

Chicken at The NoMad

The moment our two plates hit the table we were confused and asked where the rest of the chicken was, but with no fail it was presented in a small black cast iron with scrumptious mushrooms.  YUM.

Dark Meat of the Chicken at The NoMad

I don’t know how we managed (especially since I forgot we were having brunch and had two slices of leftover pizza for breakfast…), but we ordered their delicious breakfast pastry to share.

Pastry at The NoMad

Yum…next time we’ll have to try the others of the cart.

Pastry Cart at The NoMad


Oh and I love this video from the restaurant.  Will Guidara and Daniel Humm are such characters!!!



The NoMad - 1170 Broadway & 28th St, 212-796-1500