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Tamago at Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa

I’m not sure if NY’s supposedly best sushi restaurant is actually the best. Everything is GREAT. Nakazawa, the man himself, has an incredible personality, fish is freshly sourced from our two coasts and Japan, and service is spot-on.  However, I still prefer Sushi Yasuda which certainly isn’t as hard of a reservation–you’ll need luck getting a reservation at Nakazawa now that they have four stars from the NY Times.

The whole sushi bar is seated at the same time, and omakase service mostly starts together.  If one person is very late, likely the whole service will be a little behind (that was me, whoops!).

Here are some photos:


 23 Commerce St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-2212



Brother Jimmy’s UWS


I had a fabulous time eating overpriced mediocre food and drinking super sugary mixed drinks.  Let’s be blunt, you don’t really go to Brother Jimmy’s to eat good food or find fine cocktails.  My friend and I ordered the Swamp Water (a strange sugary cocktail of well liquor and juice) that comes in a fantastic 64 oz. fish bowl filled with a plastic crocodile and neon straws.  By far the highlight of the meal, despite how disgusting it truly was.

Of course we were extra courageous after the fish bowl to starting using flash…haha.


Oh and we also ordered the Jimmy’s Pig Pick to share.  Hush puppies were dry, along with all the meat.  I wouldn’t recommend the food and definitely wouldn’t expect more than a (almost cheap) bro bar.  They are all over the city, but in the future I think I’m going to just stick to beer and I suggest you do too.  Pick up some Fette Sau or Hill Country instead.


Sensi – Charming Small Restaurant


Sensi is a quaint little tapas bar with an “oriental” flair in Barcelona. They had some classic tapas, some typical Asian stir fry, and paella. The food was good and standard, but I was really surprised at how lively the atmosphere was considering this is a dead weekend in Barcelona. Also, the staff was incredibly friendly. It was my first time dining alone ever in my life so I sat at the bar and spent my time taking pictures and chatting with the three men running the place. The waiter/bartender was a student from Guatemala, the manager from France, and the one deaf barback from Barcelona. It made for a really fun evening trying to sign (also a first), and it was a pretty fair deal for a half ration of paella, a hearty duck confit and potatoes, and glass of Rioja at 20€.



Takahachi Again

Wow! I love Takahachi lunch specials so much. The food is fantastic and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Spinach Side at Takahachi

Spinach Side at Takahachi


Fried Chicken Wrapped in Shiso at Takahachi

Fried Chicken Wrapped in Shiso at Takahachi



Sashimi Lunch Special Takahachi