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Barcelona – Tapeo Tapas

I had a great meal at Tapeo, a small Spanish restaurant started by the opening chef at Tapas 24, David Rueda.  When I first walked in, I didn’t catch the resemblance, but could definitely feel the same bright modern vibe.  Speaking to the chef, he had a bit of a giggle reporting to me how the white counters happen to look just like Tapas 24!

Tapeo Restaurant

First, we had the fried rabbit ribs.  Yes, rabbit ribs!  At first I couldn’t believe it, and while there was very little meat on the bone, it was so good.  Fancy Super Bowl party snacks, anyone?

Tapeo Tapas Rabbit Ribs

Next we had the fried artichoke (which you can find at just about any other tapas restaurant).  Apparently artichoke is fairly common on West Coast menus, but you hardly see fresh artichoke on the menu in New York so of course I ate it up.

Tapeo Artichokes

Then came the sliced stuffed squid (the only vegetables I had the entire trip, haha).  It was exactly as you’d expect from a Spanish restaurant: pure simple fresh flavor.

Tapeo Stuffed Squid

Next we had the beef and mushrooms.  It was a slow cooked stew-like meat with a thick sauce.  Delicious.

Tapeo Beef

Finally on the savory side we had the foie gras with truffle, mushrooms, and eggs.  Wow! It was an amazing finish with all your favorite flavors in one.  We almost didn’t order it but David insisted we try his specialty.

Tapeo Foie Gras and Eggs