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Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas

EDC Vegas is supposed to be this unimaginable thrill from 8pm-6am of loud music, carnival rides, and lots of people sharing in the love.  A few of my friends tried to politely and enthusiastically catch-up with me on EDC Vegas and it only became more and more frustrating that I couldn’t tell them what a perfect weekend it was!    As most people who follow EDM know, the 2nd night was cancelled!  Take this and add that my friends and I didn’t head out to the Speedway on Friday to catch-up on some much needed sleep instead, and you can imagine how frustrating it was!

…not to mention that we actually did try to go to the show on Saturday, waiting in line for 1.5 hours to get through the first two of three checkpoints after an 1 hour bus ride to get there.  Then we were dumb, refused to stay on the bus that smelled like poo (really intensely… smelled of poo) which we waited for an hour to get on, and waited another hour before the 2nd bus departed thinking it’d only be 15 minutes.  WHAT A NIGHT!

Anyway, the third night was a good time.  Already bitter about the first two nights (which also of course was partially on us), by the time we walked into EDC Vegas we were blown away by the huge set-up!  There were stages and lights everywhere with music coming from all different directions.  Long after the fireworks (there were two sets on Sunday Night-Monday Morning, eventually the sun came up, the main acts went home, and we were about to collapse.

Here’s a slew of photos:

Vegas in Five Words/Photos

Dudes.  Went to Rehab the pool party at the Hard Rock for the first time.  Allin Nightlife hooked it up!  It wasn’t actually all dudes, but there was this hot second where I couldn’t see any girls and had to take this shot!  Maybe it was just the spots I was hanging out in, but every guy in Vegas that weekend was a gym rat.  Where do they come from!?

Rehab at The Hard Rock Hotel

Rehab at The Hard Rock Hotel

Over-Priced.  Considering it was EDC weekend, everything just felt like a disaster waiting to happen–and it was!  We missed the first night of EDC thinking we should rest well and have all-nighters the 2nd and 3rd night.  Lucky us, the 2nd night was cancelled due to winds/stages and speakers swaying/unsafe conditions, leaving us only Sunday night (and a 6-hour ordeal Saturday night without any music…).  And what better way to represent “Over-priced” than the disappointing Croque Madame and Bouchon experience we had.

Croque Madame at Bouchon

Nauseating.  Okay, this one is just for fun.  I know I get nauseas on carnival rides, yet insist on riding them anyway and scream “OH @#$%” over and over again.  I had to take a pause at EDC and sit down before heading to David Guetta’s set!

Disk-O at Electric Daisy Carnival

Excessive.  Everything in Vegas is more more more and I actually felt very guilty by the end of the vacation because of how much food, electricity, water, and gas was wasted just to power this ridiculously hot city to be the attraction it is!  Here’s a photo of my dessert plate from the Wynn Buffet.  I definitely wasn’t trying to make it look pretty–but look at all this dessert…!?

Wynn Buffet Desserts

Beautiful.  All the things I complained about above were self-inflicted so I am definitely not blaming anyone else for them!  Despite the excess, nausea, dudes, and whatnot, Vegas is just very beautiful.  The fountains, fantastic hotels, dreamy nightclubs, pools, and themed interiors are just wonderful.  What about the flower bunches at the Wynn?  Gorgeous.

Flower Balls at The Wynn

Here’s the front of the Bacarrat Lounge in The Mirage

Baccarat Lounge at The Mirage

EDC Afterthoughts

Rave costumes, fluffy petticoats, tutus, gigantic wigs, women in bikini joker costumes with their faces painted, excessive music, massive crowds, and carnival rides.  Electric Daisy Carnival NY 2012.

EDC NY was amazing, and if all my hopes come true, Vegas will be NY times 100 to an epic epic scale.  It was my first time seeing Aviici (whom I still don’t love) and being in the front of the DJ Bassnectar with the likes of Afrojack, and Ingrosso filling the gigantic parking lot of MetLife stadium with life.

There were four stages–one primary, two supplements in the parking lot, and one stage inside MetLife Stadium itself.  We took MetroNorth with the rest of the crowds, and the trains drop you right next to the entrance.  Fantastic.

Here’s my first set of photos from the event.  I’ll post the 2nd batch of panoramics in a later post!