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My Hurricane Sandy

I want to preface this post by noting how devastating Sandy was to many people so close to home, and how lucky we are to not have been severely affected.  I don’t want this post to misrepresent how serious it was or make it seem like I don’t take it seriously.

Empire State Building holding it all together for us!

That being said, it was a great bonding experience for a few of us who came together and hung out in the dark–and I’d love to share some silly photos.  We stayed, unlike most of lower Manhattan, and our building didn’t have a generator for the elevators so we worked out our legs and grabbed dinner in Midtown every night.  Oh yeah, and we showered at our offices and a NYSC that opened their doors to those without power.  It was a bit of an adventure!

My very own photo of the crane dangling…

Military vans strolling down 2nd Ave in Midtown

Grand Central chaos  during a usually quiet time 

Incoming traffic on 2nd Ave that we had to cross without any police offices, which normally would be lit by 25 story buildings

Photo I sent to my Dad to check that was the tie he wanted to go out for dinner (and avoid the 20 flights)