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Mochi Fillings – Basic How-Tos!

The wonderful thing about mochi is that you can put anything inside. If you need some inspiration you can go with chocolate ganache, ice cream, fruits, peanut butter, crushed cookies, jam, sweet bean/seed pastes, and even savory things. The only caveat is that you probably want whatever you are making to look good, so I would stick to foods that you know will keep the shape you want.

Red Bean Paste and Black Sesame Paste – you can get right out of a can (or make it yourself)

Sesame Peanut ButterI didn’t have sesame paste in my house so I crushed sesame by hand with a mortar pestle and mixed it with peanut butter. I used about equal parts of both because I didn’t want a very sweet mochi (with too much peanut butter), and when you use more sesame it keeps it’s shape better.

Chocolate Ganache AKA Chocolate Truffles - It’s pretty straightforward to make a simple chocolate truffle; it is so simple that you’ll possibly not buy one ever again. You have two basic ingredients: chocolate and milk.



When Yama on Irving goes completely downhill, the next best thing is making the walk to Tomoe and waiting on line.  I still find it a big strange that their rolls are filled with finely chop leftover fish instead of solid chunks, but it melts in your mouth.  I highly recommend the spicy scallop and maki combo!  If you love sashimi, their sashimi or sushi sashimi combos are a really great value!

Tomoe Sushi

Tomoe Sushi

Sakagura – Amazing Casual Japanese

Sakagura is one of those restaurants that you would never go to without a referral.  It’s hidden in the basement of an office building with discrete sign within the lobby, so you’d never see it by yourself.

I had no idea what I was in for because my friend just told me–”Sakagura, Japanese, it’s good, I go with colleagues, let’s go”.  That’s it.  Little did I know, it was the same restaurant that another friend referred me to without knowing the name, “you know…that restaurant that you have to go through the office building and down the stairs, then down a hallway?  Oh you don’t know it??”.

We ordered 5 dishes (the recommendation for two people): the standard karaage, eggplant with three toppings, seaweed salad with two dressings, the pork belly, and the black cod.  it was all fantastic and all spot on!  I definitely recommend this place, and like all restaurants they take last minute reservations because of cancellations, though you may have to be a die-hard and call a few times during the day->five o’clock!

Takahachi Again

Wow! I love Takahachi lunch specials so much. The food is fantastic and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Spinach Side at Takahachi

Spinach Side at Takahachi


Fried Chicken Wrapped in Shiso at Takahachi

Fried Chicken Wrapped in Shiso at Takahachi



Sashimi Lunch Special Takahachi