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Jarred Pigs Feet (+pic) at Arthur Avenue

At work one big task is to stay on top of what is going on in the food world.  This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is certainly mine! I have probably read more blogs and articles about food in the past week than in the past year before I’ve started this internship.

Anyway, it has made me much more food aware.  It also helps to have a boyfriend who grew up down south.  What is unconventional to me (mysterious sugary recooked bread=french toast for breakfast) is normal for him.  What is normal for me (chicken’s feet and eating Asian food for 75% of my meals) is strange to him.

Here is a picture of a jarred pigs feet VALUE PACK (in case you really needed that extra foot) in an Italian deli down at Arthur Ave in the Bronx:



This is the first of hopefully more posts of “weird” things I’ve only realized recently are WEIRD.  I’ll definitely have a crazy one of a Chinese supermarket soon and it won’t be for the squeamish.  If you didn’t like this one…wait for the gruesome picture of FRESH pigs feet, already packed and ready for you to take home!